1. Each team will have 18 players Squad plus 2 Team Coordinates (Manager & Coach). If the coordinates are players, they must be included in the First 18.
    1. Only Players with resident visa is allowed.
    2. No Visit Visa players allowed (for Exception refer next clause).
    3. Recently Cancelled residents can play if they can provide their last cancelled emirates id as a proof.
    4. Max of 2 Foreign Players allowed in playing 11.
  2. No player shall play for more than one team in the tournament.
  3. The game will be played with Hard Tennis (Red for All Rounds Except Final). Final will be played with Yellow Hard Tennis (due to night visibility).
  4. Tennex Red tennis balls will be provided.
  5. Playing 11 must be present in the ground at the time of toss. (20 Mins is the maximum grace time allowed for a game)
  6. Substitutes are not allowed to Bat or Ball.
  7. Substitute fielder is allowed with certain conditions.
    1. Before making a substitute, the playing 11 must field for a minimum of 4 overs.
    2. In case, a player got injured while batting first, Substitute is allowed from the beginning of second innings.
    3. A batsman is not allowed use runner substitute at the start of his innings.
    4. While innings progression if the batsman got injured, he can request for a runner substitute and approving the same is completely match umpire’s discretion.
  8. Minimum 5 Bowlers must be used per side.
  9. It is not required to inform bowling side by a bowler until unless he is changing bowling side in between the over. It is umpires duty to ask side before a start of the over to inform the batsmen.
  10. Mankading is allowed , but need to inform by both captain’s before the match starts and one warning must be provided.
  11. Bowling Action must be reported to leg umpire by batsman. And only leg umpire is allowed to call bowling action. If leg umpire finds the bowling action issues repeatedly. He can warn the bowler or suspend the bowler with immediate effect. In such cases the remaining balls must be bowled by another bowler. Note:- the bowler bowling remaining balls will be accounted in his over. For Example, Bowler “A” completed 3 Overs in his 4 Overs span and if he is bowling for the remaining balls for Bowler “B” the remaining balls from that over will be accounted to Bowler “A” and he cannot bowl his 4th over completely.
  12. A Bowler can bowl maximum of:
    1. 4 Overs in a 20-20 match
    2. 4 Overs for one bowler, 3 Overs for remaining bowlers in a 16 over match.
    3. Wicket Keeper can bowl without any delays.
  13. Powerplay
    1. First 4 Overs in a 16 Over Game
    2. First 6 Overs in a 20 Over Game
  14. Fielding Restrictions
    1. Max of 2 fielders outside the circle on powerplay
    2. Max of 5 fielders outside the circle after powerplay
    3. More than 5 Fielders (Including Inner Circle, Outer Circle, Bowling Side) on leg side will be considered as a no-ball
  15. No leg before wicket (LBW).
  16. Bye Run, Leg Bye Run, Overthrows will be counted as runs.
  17. Overthrow boundary is calculated as Boundary + Runs Completed. (for eg: Batsmen Completed 1 run and running for 2nd which is not completed and the balls overthrows to boundary, 5 Runs will be rewarded. If they complete 2 runs, 6 runs will be rewarded.
  18. Wide Balls will get 1 run and an extra ball.
  19. One Bouncer is allowed per over, But Over Head Bouncer may consider as wide or no ball without warning. (Umpire’s decision is final)
  20. No Balls will get 1 run and an extra ball, the next ball will be a FREE-HIT. Only Run-out is considered as a wicket in free-hit balls.
  21. Except LBW, All Dismissals, Scoring will be as per the ICC rules of cricket.
  22. A team failing to observe any of the foregoing rules may be disqualified. The organizers also reserve the right to disqualify any team for failing to appear promptly to play. The decision of the organizers will be final in case of any dispute.
  23. Teams must present on ground at least before 15 mins of scheduled time. A Maximum of 15 mins cutoff time can be considered. Which means if the game scheduled at 6:30, the teams must present in the ground by 6.15 and max delay to start the game will be 15 mins (Game must start before 6:45 in this case).
  24. There will be an over reducing system where each five minutes will reduce 1 over from the team failed to start the game on time. By default the team present on ground considered as TOSS Winners. (For E.g.: – The Game Scheduled to begin at 6:30 AM, Toss Time will be 6:15 AM. TEAM A is present on time and TEAM B playing 11 is not present on time. If the TEAM B is not able to start the game within 6:45 (After 15 mins grace period) and starts the game 10 mins late at 6:55AM. TEAM A will get complete overs to BAT and TEAM B will have only 2 overs less than TEAM A’s allowed overs. TEAM A can decide whether they are batting or bowling first.)
  25. Tournament Coordinators will communicate only with the team captain. team captain should explain the rules to their team. Team captains are expected to coordinate, convince and control their team members. Only Captian , Current Bowler , On Field Batsmen are allowed to communicate with field umpires. All other players, managers must communicate with team captain and the captain can intimate their concerns in between the game. In Disrespect to the umpires will lead to a sudden suspension of the player from the game.
  26. Teams should check with the CricketAE Committee members for the location, timing, for their next game or any question.
  27. There will be 10 minutes break between innings. In case of any short break need in while one innings is progressing, must take approval from umpire and this break is only allowed after completion of an over. This must be mutually agreed by both team captains and max of 1 short break is allowed per side.
  28. The game will consist of 16 overs per side (6 balls per over), the team scoring the highest number of runs, irrespective of wickets down, to win. If there is a tie – a super over (one over) will decide then match winners and the team with the highest scoring in super over will be declared as the winner.
  29. In Super Over per side can have a maximum of 3 Batsman and 1 Bowler. In Case super over is a tie, an extra bowl must be bowled to the batting team. The bowing team can bat for an extra ball after that and the highest scoring team will be considered as winner. Team batting first in main match will bat second in the super over.
  30. Each team gets to play at least 9 games within the pool. Continued by Play Offs, Pre-Quarter, Quarter, Semi Finals & Final.
  31. Each team which wins a group game gets 2 points a tie is same no. of runs scored by both teams which means a super over will consider the winner (Refer Super Over rules above).
  32. NET RUNRATE will be calculated as = (Total runs scored for/Number of balls faced) – (Totals runs scored against/Number of balls bowled).
  33. No-show of a game in league stages means that the team not present played complete overs without scoring any run which will reduce their Net Run Rate (NRR) accordingly; it doesn’t affect the NRR of the winning team. Winning team will simply get 2 points.
  34. Umpires decision is final. Regarding Tournament Organization, the AEPL Committee decision is final.
  35. The main umpire can overrule leg umpire, in case of confusion.
  36. Match must start by 6:30 and Playing 11 must be present on ground at the time of toss.
  37. Cash prizes for finalists (Winners, Runners-up, Man of the series, Man of the match final)
  38. Tournament Committee will provide 18 T-Shirts to each team with tournament sponsors logo, Organization Logo & Team Logo, playing 11 must wear provided jersey. Umpire can call off a player not wearing tournament jersey.
  39. Registration fee is AED 1250 per team. The fee is due before 30th July 2020 8PM. The teams will only be considered registered when they submit their fee.
  40. Payment methods:

** Please mention team name when making payment**

For more information Contact

FAVAS SIDHIK – +971 50 1558899

Shaakir – +971 55 2382676

Rineesh – +971 56 2994358


Tournament Format

  • The tournament Consist of 40 Teams Overall.
  • 16 Over per side Match in League Stage, Pre-Quarter & Quarter Finals.
  • 20 Overs per side Match in Semi Finals & Final.
  • Teams will be divided to 4 pools (10 Teams in each pool).
  • All teams will play each other with other team in same pool.
  • Each team will play minimum 9 games in league round.
  • Second round will be a play off. Top 2 teams from each pool will directly advanced to Pre-Quarter. Teams from 3 to 6 Must play Playoff. Teams in Position 3 & 4 will play Qualifier 1 and Teams in Position 5 & 6 will play Eliminator. Qualifier 1 winner will advance to Pre-Quarter. Qualifier 1 looser will play one more match with Eliminator Match winner on Qualifier 2 and Qualifier 2 winner will advance to Pre-Quarter.
  • League Round will start from end of September.
  • Each team must provide 18 Member squad and any replacement of adding extra players on course of tournament is not allowed.
  • Team Management Must provide complete details for Team Squad Including.
    1. 18 Member Squad Details
    2. Player Full Name & Mobile number (required to add players in app)
    3. Photo ID Proof of Players in squad
    4. Team Manager, Captain, Vice-Captain Contact details.
    5. A Team can have 2 foreign players in their playing 11.

Tournament Fee

  • AED 1250 as tournament fee must be deposited to the mentioned account on or before 30th July 2020. Any team failed to make payment will not be considered and next available team will get a chance.
  • Any Refunds or returns must be notified before August 2nd 2020. No Refunds possible after that.

Tournament Prize Money

  • Winners will be awarded a total prize money of AED 9090 & Trophy.
  • Runners Up will be awarded a total prize money of AED 4040 & Trophy.
  • Man of the series will be rewarded AED 1001 & Trophy.
  • Man, of the Match (Final) be rewarded AED 501 & Trophy.

Tournament Awards

  • Man of the match for each game from league stage to final.
  • Man of the Series Cash Award and Trophy.
  • Cash Award & Trophy for Winners & Runners Up.
  • AED 500 Cash Prize for Semi Finalists.

Time Management

  • Match must start by 6:30. (6:15 Toss Time).
  • 16 Overs per side must finish in 1 hr 20 Mins.
  • 20 Overs per side must finish in 1 hr 40 Mins.
  • Innings Break will be 10 Mins.
  • 3 Minutes Time-out available in every 10 overs for 20 over matches
  • Overall Match time (Both Sides) for 16 Overs is 3 Hrs Maximum.
  • Overall Match time (Both Sides) for 20 Overs is 4 Hrs Maximum Including Time out breaks.
  • Playing 11 must be present before Toss Time.

Points Scheme

  • Each Match Winners in league rounds will get 2 Points.
  • In Case of match abandoned each team will share 1 point each.
  • In Case of tie in any stage of the tournament, super over will decide the winner and super over NRR will not be calculated on points table.
  • 2 table toppers after league round from each pool will advanced to pre-quarter. 3-6 Position Teams must play off and 2 Will advance to Pre-Quarter.
  • If more than one team have same points, NRR will consider.
  • If more than one team have same points & NRR in league round, Face to face winner of the match between those team will be considered.

Complaints Management & Training

  • For a better organizing, we appoint minimum of 2 panel members for each pool.
  • Any Complaints, suggestions must be reported to this panel at first by the captain / team manager.
  • The panel members will discuss this the Tournament Organizing Committee and will be sorted out within next game.
  • Any kind of on-field / off-flied sledging, misbehaviors, usage of bad words are strictly prohibited at any point of the tournament.
  • Any Disputes, Complaints between the match can be discussed with both umpires on field within the match. If you’re not satisfied with the final decision taken by on field umpires, you can raise the concern to pool panel members.
  • League Rounds, Pre-Quarter, Quarter Umpiring is managing by the teams playing each other. For a better understanding, we request to keep 1 umpire from each side for both innings. (e.g.: – each innings, 1 Umpire from Team A and 1 umpire from Team B any they must rotate every over). The above requirement is not mandatory.
  • From Semi Finals, Tournament Committee appointed umpires will control the matches and any decision taken by Umpires will be final.
  • There must be a proper scorer from each team and score sheets must be shared by each team after the match. Any Dispute on scores will clarify with the opponent team and action will take within 3 days of the match day. Any complaints after 3 days will not be considered or updated.
  • Tournament organizers will provide a training session on App Scoring and manual score ticking before the tournament. Each Team must send their scorers for the training.

Grounds & Locations

  • The tournament committee selected 16-17 teams with ground where all the league matches, pre-quarter matches, quarter matches will be played. Semi Finals Location will announce at a later stage. Final will be at night on a Flood Light Grass ground.
  • Location Map, Ground Contacts will be provided to all teams before match. You can contact the respective contact person in case you find any difficulty to reach the location.